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"In Memoriam" is a place where members of the Painting a Dog a Day community can join hands and share experiences.

When I lost TurtleDove and Miah, both my studio muses, mere months apart from each other, I was overwhelmed with the support and love Painting a Dog a Day readers showered upon me.  Sharing my loss with the community that had sprung up as a result of my daily pet portrait project was surprisingly healing.

Hence this blog, which in a serendipitous way marks the one year anniversary of Miah's death. "In Memoriam" is my gift to those of you who shared tears and stories of your own losses as I came to terms with my own. 

It is also a gift to those of you who will follow along in the coming days, weeks, or years with bereavement stories of your own.

So let's celebrate the beauty of the furry little lives we are blessed with for too short a time. Let them live on here, while they continue to dance in our hearts.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Derby, 1994-2006

Bounding over the pastures behind my husband's tractor, Derby looked like a very fast and balanced deer. She was a lovely fawn with a dark mask. 

The perception most people have of Greyhounds is that they are high strung and nervous. Truly, they are the polar opposite. It is their nature to be calm, disciplined, very polite and obedient. 

You would never know Derby was around unless you asked her if she wanted to go out and then an amazing transformation would take place. She loved being on the farm running free in our fenced pastures and chasing the squirrels and rabbits, but for the most part she loved doing what she was bred to do... RUN. 

This was one dog that could literally light up her face with a smile. Amazingly, Kimberly caught this happy expression when she painted Derby for Larry's surprise Christmas present. When he opened it, he just stared at it and said, "Hi, Derbs" and then tears came to his eyes. All of us loved Derby, but she and Larry had a very special bond, and they truly adored each other.

We were blessed to have had this beautiful and graceful creature with us for 10 years and nursed her through the last year of her life battling cancer. Her passing has left a huge void in our hearts. Her elegance will long be remembered, and her trust will always be missed.

I think the inscription on her grave stone says it all.... Derby, April 1994 - Sept 2006, You stole my heart, Larry.

S. Allgood

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  1. We have also had greyhounds and they are special souls. we fostered many and adopted 3, they have all passed now..I need to have Kim do some painting for me..